Saturday, December 3, 2011

Essie: Bangle Jangle and Cult Nails: Clairvoyant

Essie's winter 2011 collection includes Bangle Jangle, a muted purple creme with gray undertones.  I used two coats for opacity. I am really loving this polish for fall and winter, it's warm but still happy and not dreary. I did an accent finger with Cult Nails Clairvoyant which is a multi colored flakie that sits in a light purple jelly base. The combo looked better in person but not really a "wow" factor over Bangle Jangle, although I do like how it made Bangle Jangle turn blurple. The Essie winter 2011 collection is available now, Clairvoyant however, is not. They sold out and are waiting for it to come back in stock so be patient. 

News: Some giveaway items have been shipped to me and I'll preview some to you as they come in so stay tuned :) 


  1. I must have clairvoyant! lol Good-looking purple...I love Essie's colors.

  2. ohhh the Essie is so soft and pretty!

  3. I liked Unicorn Puke better than Clairvoyant. Same polish cooler name. Have you seen the Cult Nails T-shirts? I want to get one for my daughter.

  4. Hey Jim! I haven't seen the t-shirts, I'll have to look them up. did you get in on the new collection? Great navy jelly and the brown is awesome as well


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