Monday, December 5, 2011

Nubar: Absolute

I've had Nubar Absolute for a while in my untried box. It's from Nubar's Prism collection and is technically a holo. The light teal has a slight holo to it, it is quite faint, even in direct sunlight. I applied three coats for mostly opaque coverage. I thought it looked a bit like water so I pulled out a stamping plate (think this one was a mash plate) and stamped a swan image using konad black polish. You can see it smeared a bit but overall it's a great image that is clear of what it is. I wouldn't say this is my favorite blue holo by any means because it takes 3 coats and is barely holo, but it is a really pretty shade and would probably be great layered over a medium blue.  I've been showing alot of my mani previews on Facebook if you'd like to be friends and get a sneak peek :) I'll also be previewing giveaway stuff there too :)


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