Monday, December 12, 2011

Sinfulcolors Wish: Holiday 2011- Swatches and Art

These are the Sinfulcolors selection for their holiday collection. I know some of these are not "new" colors but since they grouped them together for you, it takes the guess work out of deciding which holiday hues go together.  Since the colors are pretty straight forward, I decided to do some nail art with them.  The trees were a little bit harder to do than I thought they would be. Here's a list of the polishes from the press release (my thoughts are in bold): 

Five gem-inspired shades of polish: 
SUGAR SUGAR: a candy cane, red-hot tint. Great shimmery red, opaque in two coats with no problems.
MIDNIGHT BLUE: a bold, bright twist on navy. Good alternative to a navy polish which is so popular this season. I used this for dotting ornaments on the tree and even over silver glitter, you can see it is still has great opacity.
LAST CHANCE: an emerald with depth and allure. The staple emerald green creme we are seeing this season- very popular. No application problems, was opaque in 2 coats. 
DADDY'S GIRL: a deep purple with a drizzle of shimmer and glitter. A jelly purple with fabulous shimmer of pink running through it. This would be best layered over a deep purple so you get less VNL since it is a jelly. 
OUT OF THIS WORLD: a perfect silver with swirls of glimmer. Smooth formula, did the tree base in this color, was great even over the dark emerald hue. 

Two metallic shades of nail art:
FLOWER GIRL: a bronzy gold with tons of sparkle. Really in love with this, it is super dense and pigmented, used for the twinkle on top of the tree. 
FASHIONISTA: a glitter-laden pewter. Silver glitter upon silver glitter in this striper! Easy to use, I traced over Out Of This World with it and had no problems.

I look forward to using the stripers in the future for more nail art because they were really easy to use and the colors are spot on. Overall the collection isn't anything we haven't seen before but at $1.99 price point, it is a good alternative to more expensive brands (not to mention it's easily available at drugstores and, which is convenient. 

*product provided by PR company*


  1. Oh I love that purple!

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