Saturday, January 28, 2012

China Glaze: QT

I have another holo for you today from the China Glaze OMG 2BHOT collection: QT. QT is a reddish pink linear holo. I used two coats for opacity, no top coat and stamped using Kleancolor Purple Metallic. I used Red Angel RA101 plate for my funky french tips.  I wore this mani for only two days but it was sunny those days so it was really great to look at.  The formula of QT was good, did not have drag and dried fast, I didn't even have to put SV on it before I stamped over it because it was already dry.  Win! As with all of the China Glaze holos, this has become hard to find as well.  It's great though and probably worth it if you love holo and pinks.  

Also, please vote for my mani over at Julep's NOTD contest!


  1. So gorgeous!!
    I love it!
    great mani on it!

  2. OMG - HOT! I have to pull out all my OMG's and start to wear them vs. saving them since I cannot get my hands on any of the HITS!

  3. I am not sure if QT is the one in the OMG collection that there are 2 versions out's one that is pink in it but there are 2 pinks in that collection. is way less pink or berry and much lighter than the 'good one' is - so just for folks that take time to even read comments - if you are collecting the OMG's, watch out for that one. Do some more research on the 2 pinks - you will turn up what I am referring to I am sure. Don't want anyone to get a 'bad' one at the price many of the OMG's are going for now days. Sooooo when is CG going to re-create some of these amazing holos in this and Kaleidoscope collections??? It's high time.


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