Monday, January 9, 2012

Comparisons: Holland v True (little something of each)

I swatched some colors for you on nail wheels as per request for more comparison swatches, especially from the new Zoya True and OPI Holland collections. I'll do an easy break down for you.

Blues: Skylar and Rotterdam are much more similar in person, I'd say one or the other but you don't need both, I like OPI's formula better.

Greens: Bevin and Thanks a Windmillion are practically the same in person, unless you compare them side by side in great light. Bevin is a little more smokey colored but really, I wouldn't need both of them.

Neutrals: Farah and Van Gogh are pretty close.  Farah has more yellow undertones in it. I'd choose just one (if you could pull off yellow undertones), OPI has better/easier coverage in my opinion for this one. If you already have Sand Tropez

Lotus is awesome and by far my favorite out of these three. It has pink shimmer and is a softer shade of purple from Neeka and less red than Mimue. Lotus is a must have.
(BTW Mimue is really Nimue)

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  1. Thanks for this post! Do you think Tru and Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? are similar?

    1. Not as much - they look like they would be in the bottle but not as much on the nail. Zoya's has a lot more visible colored shimmer coming out than the OPI Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? and the darkest ones in both collections are not similar at all...I just happen to not like Vampsterdam in the OPI Holland collection much at all - it's a really dark purple frost. Seems out of place to me in the collection and a true frost??? Odd.

  2. Are Dutch 'ya just love opi? and Lotus close at all? Your swatches are lovely, thank you for all the great posts.

  3. This is a great help!!! The only thing I'll still get is Lotus even though I already have Neeka. Lotus is sooo pretty ;0)

  4. Thanks for this! I personally like Zoya's brush better (the OPI one is just too big for my nails!) so I'll be getting those instead.

  5. Thank you for these comparisons!!!
    I love comparisons ^^

  6. Tracey, Lotus is more smokier/gray than DYJLO. Lotus is worth having even if you have Neeka :) (such an enabler).. Chelsea, Tru and DYJLO: I think Tru has more shimmer but at first glance, they're pretty similar. To a non lacquer head, they'd be dupes.

  7. thanks for the comparison post, really helpful! :)

  8. great post - i just saw another swatch of True today and wondered how close they were to Holland - thanks xxx


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