Monday, January 9, 2012

Skull and Crossbones Nail Foils: Review

These are foils from Born Pretty that were pretty fun! They're literally a foil sticker. You cleanse your nail bed then peel the foil from the sheet and stick to your nail (measure/cut/trim) before if you need them more narrow. At the end you can file the tip off or, I just cut it with scissors because I was afraid of filing my nails all wonky.  What was cool about these was that they are easy to do and they are SUPER shiny so they're very very eye catching (reminds me of minx). The one thing I did not like about these was that to take them off you wash your hands with soap in warm water, then they peel off. Granted, the glue seemed pretty strong, but they still come off when you use soapy water. These would be great for a weekend you don't do dishes or shower LOL ...?  I'm not sure. They're $5.37 online at Born Pretty. It would be fun to wear these to a party and do your own nails rather than get them done, that's probably when I would wear them. 


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