Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jordana Glitters: Part 1 of 2

I have the first half of the new Jordana Glitters to show you and it's picture heavy so enjoy! (you can click each picture to enlarge it)
 Light blue hex and small hex glitter in a clear base
 Seafoam green large hex and small hex and round glitters in a clear base
 Iridescent large round and small silver glitter in a pale pink base
 Large gold hex glitter in a clear base
 Multi colored large hex glitter and multi colored small round glitter
 Small light blue hex glitter and micro purple hex glitter in a clear base
 Iridescent medium and small hex glitter in a clear base
 Large magenta hex glitter and small hex glitter in a clear base
Blue, gold, magenta medium hex glitter with small red round glitter in a clear base

These glitters apply like a charm, especially the ones with the smaller glitter in them. The only one that was chunky was the Funky Gold Town, but that's expected with such large sequin glitter. I layered each over white, black and clear so you could see different laying combinations.  Overall, I'm impressed. I have the second 9 for you tomorrow, stay tuned. 
Jordana polishes can be purchased at K-Marts and online at Jordana Cosmetics and retail for $2.99
*sent for review by company*


  1. L A City Nights and Celestial are the prettiest ones IMO, but they're all very eye catching! :)

  2. Oh wow I really like the first two. I am going to have to start looking out for these.

  3. I love the Blue Bash, Celestial and LA City Nights ones. Prefer them on black :)

  4. Love Fairy Dust and Lunar Lights the most. Not cure where I would go to get this brand. It's not one that are stocked in my are that I have run into. I was in a K-Mart too long ago - need to run in when I am near one which is a good 30 miles from my house in a direction I don't go all that often.

  5. I absolutely love how you swatched these with all 3 looks side by side!!

  6. I really like how you swatched these! You are my favorite nail blogger!


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