Friday, January 20, 2012

Jordana Glitters: Part 2 of 2

Here's part two of the awesome Jordana Glitters. There's 24 total, 18 I showed you and 6 are coming soon. Here's the first part if you need to catch up. Again, I layered each over white, black and clear so you could see different laying combinations.
Large and small Gold and bronze hex glitter with small square bronze in an clear base

 Dense lavender medium and small hex glitter with small square glitter in a clear base

 Large and small copper hex glitter in a pale copper base 

Silver, blue and green large hex glitter with small blue hex in a clear base

Medium and small gold hex glitter with large iridescent diamond sequins in a clear base

Large and medium green hex glitter in a clear base

Large yellow, blue and red hex glitter with small gold hex in a clear base

Large and small rose pink hex glitter in a clear base

Large and small dense silver hex glitter in a clear base

Jordana polishes can be purchased at K-Marts and online at Jordana Cosmetics and retail for $2.99

*sent for review by company*


  1. ROFL, I read Celebration and the song Celebrate popped in my head!

  2. OMG My Superstar is right up my alley! Gotta have it! lol Thanks!!

  3. Green Glitz would be great from St. Paddy's day. They all look so nice, hard to choose. Rhinestones would be the most versatile, if you ask me.

  4. I thought of Green Glitz over black as a perfect St. Paddy's Day accent nail when I was swatching, Rhinestones is super sparkly but edgy. Harri, celebration... me too!! Chroma, you'd love it, great glitter application

  5. I know many love chunky glitters. However I prefer ones that are not sitting up off the nail in 3-D quite so much. Pretty colors however!

  6. I think Bronze Fest over black is my favourite!


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