Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Mani

This was my New Years mani and it was a pain to photograph. I started with a base color of OPI Fly (showed you that mani yesterday), and added Kleancolors Chrome Holo on top. Chrome Holo is a suspension base with holo glitter and it's tinted purple. The holo on this was awesome because it twinkled in the light... I blurred some pictures for you to see. I stamped a heart within a heart using Red Angel plate 110 and Sally Hansen Celeb City (love this polish for stamping and marbling). I was not really happy with it because I thought that a New Year mani should be blingy and eye catching so I took little silver beads and put them between the hearts. It looked cool in person and the beads stayed on for 3 days before I had two casualties  (not too shabby). If I did this mani again, I would use Fairy Dust instead of the Chrome Holo or use a dark purple under it or no top coat at all,  so the stamp shows more. Was fun to look at while it lasted. 
Oh hey, this is my 400th post :-) kinda cool! 


  1. Oh, I love this so much! The accent nail is beautiful! I usually don't have the patience to do anything tricky with the beads. lol


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