Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPI: Fly and Save

Fly and Save are from the new OPI Nicki Minaj collection. Fly is a bright true blue creme that has great application and is opaque in two coats. I recommend two coats of base coat with this one though because I did get some staining after 4 days. Save is the much anticipated holographic bar and small silver glitter top coat suspended in a clear base. Usually I think the bar glitter looks like fur, but in this case I like the holographic fur look ;-) These are the only two I picked up from the collection  and paired together they're quite nice. 
Giveaway Update: I'm hoping everything will be in this week to me. Sponsors have been out of the office so I've been waiting to hear for 2 weeks... sit tight, it's pretty good :-)


  1. I love the blue but flitters are not for me ^^"

  2. You're calling both of the polishes Fly, I think.. ;)
    At any rate these aren't bad but not unique enough to my collection for me to *need* them.. thanks for sharing these great pics!

  3. Those two rock together! Fur...you're too funny!

    I wore Fly recently too and was disppointed to get staining.

  4. My eyeballs also went to this duo as well from this collection. Last minute I ordered the darker one (forgetting the names). I like the pink but was sure I had something similar in my stash that I could play with this 'fur' glitter top. I also found if I sponge on the bar glitters that are very dense like this and the Xmas Zoya's are, I get a lighter coating than using the brush - thus can customize how much 'fur' I want!!!

  5. Rochelle, totally true, don't blog while sleepy kids! thanks =^.^=

  6. Such a great combo. Party on your nails!!!


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