Monday, February 6, 2012

China Glaze: Cling On (Magnetix)

Today I have another Magnetix for you from China Glaze, Cling On. It's an olive green that is pretty thin. I used a base coat of it first, then a thin coat to do the magnet effects.  I found this worked best to get the most crisp designs. You can see the chevron design went pretty well but the middle and index fingers are by far the best I've ever done with the China Glaze magnet. You can see on my little finger where I had the magnet edge pressed (haha). I found a trick with it to work better is to scoot the magnet back a bit. Normally I'd put it on just above my cuticle but a bit further back seems to get your nail more in the middle of the magnet. The magnet itself doesn't seem as strong as Layla or LCD's magnets but work with it a while and it seems pretty good for it's price. I have one more to show you tomorrow, hope you're not sick of magnetics already :) 


  1. Wow...these are the best swatches of the star and chevron magnets I've seen!

  2. Sick of magnetics - nah, never :)
    I also found that the scooting back the star magnet a bit works much better, plus that it works the best on Cling On and You Move Me.

  3. Your stars look great!!!! Great tip about scooting the magnet back I'm definitely going to try it!


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