Wednesday, February 1, 2012

China Glaze: TTYL

TTYL is a great pale pink/salmon linear holo from the OMG collection. I used two coats and no top coat on this, the formula was great, like a creme with no drag whatsoever. I also got to swatch it in sunlight for you because at the time, it was sunny... now? Not so much.  Quite a beautiful holo polish. 
I only have a few more posts in draft for you so there may be a gap in posting while I'm recovering from this horrid cold. Right now the couch is my bestie.  


  1. So shiny and lovely! I kick myself every time I see swatches from this collection that I didn't know about them way back when they came out. lol.

  2. Get feeling better kiddo! I don't think there is a dog in the OMG bunch for maybe for G8R - the gold/yellow one just never excited me at all.


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