Friday, February 10, 2012

Milani: 2012 Collection- Part 2

Teal over Violet Dash- large green, blue and iridescent hex glitter with small blue hex glitter in clear base.
Hot Pink Frenzy- a one coat hot pink with salmon undertones
Yellow Whiz- 2 coats to even out, true bright yellow creme

Hot Pink of Yellow Whiz- iridescent and raspberry large hex glitters in clear base
Sail Away- dark denim blue with silver shimmer, one coat for opacity
Jiffy-Orange- true orange creme, one coat of opacity
Orchidia- a medium lavender creme with silver shimmer, two coats for opacity

Out of this group I have to say that Sail Away and Orchidia are my favorites. I'm really loving the fast dry, one coat cremes but in this color group, I'm loving the shimmer Milani put in- it's so on point with the Spring trend. The only one that was tricky was Yellow Whiz, but compared to other yellows I have tried, it's much much better. Yellows are always tricky. Teal is similar to Jordana's Cosmic except Teal has great iridescent hex glitters as well. 
To find out more about Milani Cosmetics or to order product, you can search their site at Milani Cosmetics, the One Coat Glitters, Jewel FX and High Speed Fast Dry featured in my posts all retail for $4.99.

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  1. Sail Away is my favourite of the bunch. And the shimmer in Orchidia is just beautiful! :)

  2. i love the glitters and that milani purple i have and love it!! :)

  3. Sail Away and Orchidia are beautiful!!


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