Saturday, February 4, 2012

OPI: Give Me The Moon and Shatter Skittles

This was my birthday mani. It was pretty much all the nail art I could do while sick.  The hubs gave me OPI Give Me The Moon as one of my birthday gifts (love ya babe!). I used 2 coats of this gorgeous shimmery dusty gray with purple undertones. It flashes blue and purple depending on which angle you are looking at. Love this polish! *crosses it off my wishlist* I had no energy to do nail art but was tired of having naked nails so I grabbed OPI Turquoise Shatter and LaRosa's purple crackle. I also did my thumb with Sally Hansen's Fuchsia Shock. I didn't include a picture of but I really love this top coat, their formulas are wonderful and crack like champions! 


  1. Love this colour too, and it looks GREAT on you!

  2. I love the skittles, and am glad you got one off your wishlist. Hope you had a great birthday and that you're feeling better. :)


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