Friday, February 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Red Zin + CH15

Do you remember this post about Sally Hansen and White and Warren? Sally Hansen sent me the manicure portion of this promo and I must say... amazing. Let me start with the polish. Red Zin is such a rich red that borders a jelly but has the coverage of a creme.  I used two flawless coats with no problems. It's a classy red, that reminds me of wine. (Zinfandel?)

The Growth Serum is awesome as well. I have been using on my nails after swatching (which is hard on your cuticles and skin, leaving it really dry). The thing I really like about this is that it is a serum, not an oil or creme or balm so it goes on easily with the dropper applicator with no mess. The best part however is that the serum soaks in quick, doesn't leave residue and your cuticles, nail plate and surrounding skin are soft and clearly moistened. I don't like having oil on my hands, I will usually wipe my palms off after applying lotion or oils, with this I didn't have to.
Now onto the hand creme. Awesome as well. The tops of my hands have been super dry this winter. I like wearing this at night because I feel it has more time to soak in and work its magic (otherwise I wash my hands too often).  The only thing I don't have for review are the cashmere gloves, but I'm sure they're wonderful as well :) I also stamped using my Cheeky plate CH115 for a Valentine's mani. Red Zin reminded me of a great Valentine's color :)
You can find out more about the gloves and promo HERE on White + Warren's site. Amazing!

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  1. Gorgeous colour - I do love a jelly(ish) red!!

  2. Hi, i liked very much the manicure... could you tell me the complete name of the plate? i know that you put it in the photo but i don't know the meaning of it... also i would like to know where did you buy it.. Thanks so much!!

  3. Roxy, they're "cheeky" from Amazon. They are sold out currently but may be coming back with a new batch. Many people have had problems with the seller (missing plates, defective etc), luckily mine are good.

  4. Red- you need this red in your life :) that was with no top coat, the formula is amazing!

  5. This manicure is so cute!
    I love the yellow bow!


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