Thursday, March 29, 2012

China Glaze: Prismatics- 3 Reviews

I have three of the Prismatics for you today, first up is Full Spectrum.
 Full Spectrum is for sure a glitter, as all of these are. It has a pinkish tinted base with shimmer and various colored tiny glitters (including holo glitter!) The larger ones are hexagon and include red, blue, yellow and silver with green thrown in for good measure. This is two coats, I'd recommend one, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Liquid Crystal is one I split up to two photos for you. On my middle finger I did two coats of and on my ring finger I did one coat. I like one coat more because you can see the shimmer in it more. I wouldn't call these duochrome polishes.  Liquid Crystal has a really great pink shimmer to it in a light blueish base. When you do one coat, you see much much more shimmer but once you add that second coat, it goes away and you get more blue.

 Here's a close up of Liquid Crystal and the glitters: large hex in yellow pink, blue, green, silver, red, orange.. you name it, I'm sure it's in there. This is my favorite out of the trio because sparkles like crazy in light.
Last up is Optical Illusion which is more of a green base to it. Again, the glitter is super sparkly and interesting but this one I did two coats (try one for more of a less dense glitter look and get more color).

Overall these three are super glittery and sparkly and I think I'd prefer them as single coat with a color underneath so that the shimmers are showcased more. These are available now, so keep an eye out!

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  1. Do these swatches have topcoat? Are they topcoat eaters? I'm so on the fence with these...

  2. I am still indecisive about those glitters. From the promo pics I've seen I expected more. Maybe I have to see them in person :)

  3. Helly - I do have a top coat on them, OPI Start to Finish (not as thick as SV) and I had no problems with it being hungry, the glitter is great at laying flat and not deep

  4. So cool!
    I love glitters!!
    Too bas they aren't like the ads photos )=

  5. I agree with some of the commenters about this collection. I had not rushed to buy them as I am so tired of thick, crunchy glitters. Yet something kept me coming back to look at swatches of them...then I could not really read what shade a few of them were due to they all have tons of silver in them. I finally bought 1 - the blue Liquid Crystal. Still is a bit too chunky for me, but you are's not as bad as I thought it would be. I will try doing just one coat - maybe with a sheer nude under it. For anyone who bothers to read comments - the one you called green is really aqua/teal. There is another one in the collection that is a definite green cast that is a green/yellow/silver called RAY-DIANT. It's the sheerest of all in the collection and the yellow in it gives the silver a challenge to tone down some but the yellow does not read gold like a silver and gold glitter mix. I have to say it's interesting, but my least fav of the shades. I think if you are interested, 1, maybe 2 of the collection is plenty - they just jumble together and all sort of give the same impression. I call this a big miss for China Glaze as a collection.

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