Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty Woman: Mauve Magnetic Polish

This is a random polish I picked up from Rite Aid, it's Pretty Woman and it's a Magnetic polish. (no color name on it). It's a purple shimmery polish and it came with two magnets, a squiggle and a diagonal line. These are the most strange magnets I have come across, they are housed in a silicone shell with the little rivet cut out on the sides and are flexible. I hate these magnets for a few reasons: 1) you cannot get your nail close enough to the magnet for it to really work well 2) with it being flexible, it is harder to hold the magnet still 3) the lip on the housing should be lower profile and not have notches cut out so you can turn the design a different way. What I ended up doing was pulling the housing back and trying to use it that way but again, it's flexible and I couldn't hold it still enough. I also did a star magnet with the polish to see how it responds to a stronger magnet. (not bad, I was just off center).  This polish was $8 and not too sucky. I would recommend cutting the lip of the housing so you can get the magnet closer because it does work and the squiggly lines are pretty cool. 

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I had bought this one (in this shade even) and could not get the magnets to work. I will cut them down and try again.


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