Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sally Hansen: Smooth and Perfect- Reviews

 Today I have a few of the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect polishes for you. These are soft shades with a wide brush and I did 2 coats for the pictures you see. Starting with Air (my favorite of the three), a light sky blue jelly with shimmer throughout. All of these have a pearly shimmer to them that is subtle until you get it under natural light and pay attention.
 Air went on smooth but at certain angles you can see that it shows it's jelly finish (looks like I have a bald spot but I promise, it's not). I wore this as a pedi for a few days and love it, very soft and cheerful for spring.
Next up is Dune. Dune is a champagne nude with that wonderful gold pearl shimmer to it, I did two coats and again, subtle yet very appropriate for spring. It looks like a white based pearl polish on my skin tone, still like it!
Next is Sorbet which was a fun one. It is literally a muted version of an orange sorbet. It has a coral personality but still with the great pearl sheen to it and jelly finish. This is a great color for a clean looking mani that has a hint of color. 
Last is fog, a super pearl white jelly that is easy to apply and a great "underwear" color for glitters. 
Also important to share from the press release I posted:
Designed to hide ridges and imperfections, the uniquely breathable formula promotes stronger, healthier looking nails with a patented technology that allows for up to 20% more oxygen to reach the nail. The result? Ridges and imperfections are virtually erased and nails are left looking smooth, shiny and porcelain perfect.

I do have ridges and while you can see the sheen coming from some of my ridges, overall it was smoothed out. These retail for $5.49. 
The other thing I'm reviewing is their Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat which worked  very well. It is recommended to put over dry polish, but I didn't wait and just applied it like I do any other fast dry top coat. It took about 5 minutes to set up but was really pretty and clear once it did. This retails for around $7.49.
To find a retail location near you, check out Sally Hansen's website. You can also browse the shades.

*Products Mentioned sent for review*


  1. Thanks so much for these swatches. I keep looking at these...my Rite Aide actually has these in - we never get much of anything. I am with you on Air...lovely!


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