Monday, March 26, 2012

Girly Bits: Promise Me

Another fabulous polish from Girly Bits: Promise Me. I have to admit I am turning into a bit of a Girly Bits fan girl. This is another polish from the calendar collection and it's a stunner. I did two coats of this soft pink with silver shimmer and iridescent hex glitters. I really enjoyed the way this polish applied because it wasn't streaky, chunky or sheer. The shimmer and the hex glitters add great depth and like with January Morning and Magically Delicious, when it moves in the sun, you catch the sparkles from the glitters. Pam's shop is currently closed but is opening again in April so be sure to check it out. 


  1. Love this one. I got my first 2 Girly Bits delivered over the weekend. I'm hooked now.

  2. OOh I missed this post somehow. Looks lovely!!


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