Thursday, March 8, 2012

Urban Decay: Naked 2 swatches

The Naked 2 Palette!!!!
It is awesome..  look close....
More after the jump...
These are all swatched with no primer under daylight bulbs in my light box.

I did a look using foxy, a little bit of Chopper, blackout for liner, Snakebite in my v (blended with Blackout) and Verve to blend/highlight. I like the simple look and it is quite more noticeable in person (I'm still figuring out how to photograph make up. The right side is in direct daylight light from my studio lights, the left side is shaded more and more prominent in color. The shimmers look much lighter in direct light as you can tell. I prefer it in dimly lit light as you can see definition more. Either way, a really simple natural soft looking combination. 

Here's a similar look but with more of the frost shades :)

You can purchase the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay on, or from Urban


  1. i bought this palette and i am in LOVE <3 i just don't know how to do my makeup very well though ahahha

  2. I love the naked palettes, but if you already have the first Naked palette, is it worth it to buy the second palette. I've been hearing from multiple people they are very similar.

    1. The first Naked is still available and is filled with much warmer neutrals than this #2 pallet. When you hold them side by side you really can see that difference pop out at you. I don't feel they are similar at all. Plus this new #2 has so many exclusive shades in it you cannot get anywhere else. Also, for me, a biggie is the inclusion of matte shades in the pallet. I NEED UD mattes and they pulled all their single shade mattes from their line for some goofy reason...many are so upset over that. I think there are 2 left that come and go from but never are in the store.

  3. Love the original naked palette. This one I have not yet picked up but know I will. The colors are a bit more on the cool side then the #1 palette. So glad you swatched all shades for us. Love that there are only 3 shades in this palette that are reg. line shades I have and no Midnight anything in this one for a change! The UD pallets are the only way I can get their matte shadows now since they pulled them from their line which I am CRUSHED over - I adore their matte shadows and they are my go tos always. Love the look you came up with - thanks for telling us what you used where. I am going to need to put in a Sephora order soon as I get my next paycheck. These pallets are great to play with and perfect for trips.


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