Friday, April 20, 2012

Blue Dot Funky French

I have a random blue dot Funky French for you today. I used Sally Hansen Air as my base (2 coats) then dotted with two different blues (forget which ones I used but the light one is probably OPI What's With the Catitude). I then added NYC Big City Dazzle for glitter funsies (retails for $1.99 in drug stores). It has mostly pink and red glitter but there's gold and blue thrown in for good measure. A glitter top coat is always a quick and easy way to spice up an already existing mani if you don't have time to re-do it but need to cover up a chip touch up or want a different look. 

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  1. Really cute and fun! Kinda reminds me of a cupcake :)

  2. With just the blue dots part (pre glitter) it's very Danish inspired looking to me.

  3. I am into using glitter a lot to freshening up a dwindling mani/pedi - but I don't of late stop with the glitter - I am totally into sandwiching...even if I don't have a jelly base - it can be opaque base - toss on a glitter and then top that with a sheer.


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