Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ebalay: #1 & #2

I have some cool top coats for you today from Ebalay that are sold on KKCenterHK. The first is 002 which is on my index and middle fingers over black. It is a top coat that is in a sheer pink jelly base with gold, pink and orange flecks in it. It was hard to get on camera but you can see the gold and the pink on different parts of my nail, it's very eye catching. The second is 001 which sits in the same base as 002 but shows up pink, purple and blue on the nail over black. This one is my favorite because.. well... I love purple :) It too is very reflective and eye catching. Both color shift very well and were easy to apply and quite dense. I did one coat of 002 and two coats of 001. They resale for $7.24 on KKCenterHK and there are many other different types of top coat and non top coat polishes so check it out!

*product sent for review*


  1. Wow, that purple is really pretty. I also just *love* purple :)


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