Friday, April 6, 2012

Dollish Polish: Expectro Patronum

Oh Dollish Polish how I love you dearly. This has been a huge lemming of mine for a while now: Expectro Patronum! I started with a thick coat of white followed by two coats of Expectro Patronum. EP is in a sheer white base with these amazing aqua blue hex glitters and small hex glitters. There's something about this that makes me feel super cheery and also.... want mint chip ice cream. You can see the first layer of glitter throught the second later so it comes out frosty looking like the glitter sandwiches, but then you have the glitter of the top layer that is reflective and super pretty, it just all adds great dimension and interest to this polish. TOTAL WIN! 
Now if only I could get my paws on Floam...


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