Thursday, April 5, 2012

Milani 2012 Collection: Part 2

Here's the second half of the CVS exclusives from Milani in 2012. This half is a bit more warm toned and there's even a great multi colored micro glitter!
 Chocolate Sprinkles is such a great polish. I have the picture blurred a bit so you could see the multi colored micro glitter. The base is a deep brown like a dark chocolate and the micro glitter consists of orange, green, yellow, gold.... a super pretty shimmery combo. This was two coats (this polish also stamps but more on that later)
 Hipster Plum is such a perfect and true plum purple creme. I used two coats, had no application problems and am completely in love with this color. I want to stamp over it with a delicate flower pattern! 
 Just Grayt is a your normal gray polish. This was two coats and I had no application problems, it's a great gray creme if you don't already have one. 
 Morning coffee is a dark brown with red undertones (reminds me of terracotta without the orange tones). I used two coats for a flawless coverage and application. This one also stamps (again, more on that later)
Natural Touch is a darker nude creme, opaque in two coats it almost matches my skin tone to a tee. I like that it has warm pink undertones to it. I think that may help fight against lobster hands and appeal to a broader range of skin tones. 
Again on these I used the Milani Base and the Top Coats. I like the smaller skinnier brushes for the base and top because I don't flood my nail like I sometimes do with SV. The formulas also did not get sticky/stringy or thick while I swatched which was a huge plus. Again, these are exclusive colors to CVS so they're only available at select CVS stores. 

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  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for these. Seems like with all the CVS stores around here one of them should get these.

  2. I haven't seen these yet but now I want about, oh, ALL of them lol.

  3. Such pretty colors!!


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