Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Milani: Pure Romance -Eyeshadow Trio- Limited Edition

Milani has a new trio out: Pure Love eyeshadow trio... awesome look coming right up! First off, this trio is only available at select Walgreens and ONLY for the month of April, so look fast! The trio has a pearl and metallic finishes, the brown is a pearly along with the off white and the black is a metallic. I applied them dry and over a lid primer. for the inner up to brow- white, middle- brown and the black for the outer part of my lid, swept up and over in the crease, then blended with the brown and on top with the white. I also used the Milani liquid liner pen to try out a winged look... be nice, I'm still trying to get the hang of the wing. Remember how I'm not that good at freehand nail art? Well that applies for freehanding my wing as well :) I lined my bottom lid as well just to mess with the pen a bit more and I must say, I really love it especially for building up a thicker line and it is perfect with these shadows. I didn't have to use a whole lot of product either which is nice because I have sensitive eyes and too much fall out kills me! While there is no price info on the press release, Milani's regular shadows hover around $7 so I'm guessing that's still the price point. I have the polishes coming up tomorrow for you from this collection.. they too are great! :)

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