Saturday, May 26, 2012

China Glaze: Rated Holographic

China Glaze Rated Holographic was another one of the Kaleidoscope polishes that is very popular. Rated Holographic is a mauve scattered holographic polish. I did three coats of this and I wish that the Kaleidoscope collection polishes were more opaque. This one would be great layered over a bright bubblegum pink to give it a bit more life. The holo effect is not very strong with this polish, but you can see it sparkle, it's just not a linear holo. Other than being very thin and not opaque, the formula was fine, fast drying which is good seeing how you need 3 coats minimum. I also didn't top coat this so more holo would show. I think holos have come a long way since these and hopefully now since we have the stronger linear holos like the Laylas someone will combine that technology to make the formulas better so you don't have drag ... then we'd have strong holos with no drag/chipping and easy application! One can wish right? :)


  1. I think the foreign holos have come much further than US made holos since this collection. I am chronically disappointed to see far too many US collections labeled as holo when they are really glitter polishes ONLY. While glitter does toss off a holo look from each piece, they are not the same as a holo polish. I think the marketing it been really deceptive. Surely wish that the wonderful Brazil and other polish companies would be more available in the US. And if they can do it over-seas, how come we don't see companies like CG jumping on the bandwagon?


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