Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gel Nails: My 1st attempt at tips

So recently I was given some supplies to try out gel nails with tips... let me show you pictures first then I'll tell you about the process I used and how to remove them. Keep in mind, this was my non dominant hand I applied the gel with and I've never used tips before, so be nice :)
 The top picture is just the buffed nail and the cut down tips glued on. I have never glued on tips so I just went off of when I watched on You Tube. I also did this on my right hand with my left (non dominant) hand doing the applying in case I messed up, it wouldn't have been my swatch hand :)  I used Jessica Build Gel you can purchase from along with the tips. Basically I needed to scoot the tips towards my nail edge a bit more but instead, I just carried on with my experiment.
 I did three layers of the build gel which is a clear gel meant for french manis. It's not the top coat gel, but literally a gel that is in a pot and you use a brush to apply (another reason I had a hard time getting it smooth because I'm used to a polish brush). It was a bit difficult to get it all even between the tip and the nail plate but I'm sure it'd be much easier on my left hand or on someone else. I topped it with the Jessica Geleration Finish top coat, wiped it off with alcohol so it was shiny then I foiled it to remove it.

I used the OPI Expert Touch foil wraps (didn't take an after picture but the tips and gel came right off with no harm to my nail beds). These are super easy to use and what I found works well is after you buff the top to break the seal then,wrap them (picture 3), apply heat to the foils: use a warm moist towel or a heating pad to put over your fingers to help the acetone peel back the gel and loosen the glue under the tip. You just twist as you pull the foil off, loosen any left overs with an orange stick (I use the rubberized kind for gel manis) and you're good to go for your next mani. Overall this was great and apparently while the tips won't last like if you got acrylic, they would last for a few days if you were going out for a dinner or event like prom or such. Great idea for the next time I want a simple french with tips. I plan on trying this out again but using my dominant hand and a better brush.

You can check out NailEtc for gel mani supplies, I purchased my light and starter kit through them.

*products provided for review*


  1. They came out great. How long did you have to leave the foil on?

  2. Looks great lady! You can do my nails anytime ;)

  3. You did better than what i did ha. I guess i was a little slow when i did mine. But i do live doing the gel process on natural nail. especially if you have thin nails. it gives you nails time to grow. i always put a Seche revive on before i do the rest doing really mess is up:)

    1. What kind of gel is good for natural nails just to give them a little strength. My nails are so thin.

  4. I bought a home lamp at Sally's. I have been using my own base coat and regular polishes - non gel - non Shellack type polish - just normal polishes. Then I apply the SV UV/LED clear top coat and I cure that in the lamp. I get more wear out of my mani than 12 days - generally I am taking it off due to growth line or tired of the shade I have on. Several nail techs told me the trick is all in the top coat being UV and having a very clean nail to start with. For removal I use acetone on felt squares wrapped in foils. I also have used the heating pad to help along. Long as I have not sandwitched in any glitter to a mid layer - they come off that way slick. It takes a bit more elbow grease if I have any glitter going into the removal. So happy as I did not want to disband all my stash and start all over getting various types of UV jell nails.

  5. I think this is a great job well done for your first try. I've never done tips, or applied gel myself, but I do love shellac manis

  6. Hey Jim! foil took like 10 mins and if you want a clear gel, try for like the build if you can do both hands... just check out the link I posted and browse their gels


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