Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Post: Spring Water Marble from Chelsea (The Nail Network)!

Today we have Chelsea from The Nail Network doing one of her fab water marbles! I like this, it's a Springtime water marble skittle look- very creative and pretty! Show Chelsea some monkey lovin' and check out her great blog and facebook page for more creative manis! Thanks Chelsea!

Hello Manicured Monkey readers!! This is Chelsea from The Nail Network and I have an exciting guest post for you while Kristin is away! Today I would like to present the mani I wore for Easter weekend, a spring-themed water marble, for your enjoyment... 

The colors I used for this mani are Zoya Shelby,Wednesday, and Robyn, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, and Milani Orchidia. I am really, really loving to do water marbling on a couple fingers and solid colors on the rest. The Zoyas and China Glaze worked very well for the marbling, but I had a little bit of an issue with getting the Milani to spread properly. I will leave you with a shot, courtesy of my helpful boyfriend, of both hands! Thanks so much for having me, Monkey! :D 

Thanks Chelsea, that was awesome as usual :)


  1. Nice work Chelsea! Beautiful colours and such a clean water marble!

  2. Very nice! The water marbling is beautiful, and the colors look great together.

  3. that's awesome! I was just thinking that when I eventually get the nerve to do water marbling that I'll probably only do it on a few fingers. this is very pretty, and definitely great for easter and spring!

  4. this is simply stunning! love it!

  5. Totally fab! I am loving the color choices you made. Love the mix of marble with accent nails! Perfection!

  6. Beautiful marbling! Love it as the accents!


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