Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Color Club: Take Wing Collection- Review

Another bright summer collection? Yes please! Color Club Take Wing is great and right on par for summer sparkles. All swatches are 3 coats with my ring finger having a white base underneath and 2 coats of color. They're 3 finger swatches due to my index being gnarly right now from getting smashed :) Onto the polish!!

Individual swatches after the jump..

The Take Wing Collection includes (from press release):
WingFling: Red/Pink Shimmer
Sparkle and Soar: Orange Shimmer
Sky High: Blue Shimmer
Metamorphosis: Turquoise Green Shimmer
Fly with Me: Lime Green Shimmer
Daisy Does It: Yellow Shimmer
This collection is full of glass fleck beauty. I really recommend putting the more sheer colors like Daisy Does It, Fly With Me and Sparkle and Soar over a white or a nude base, plus the polish lasts longer. I like this collection and really want to layer them over some neons and see how that goes! The formula on all of these were good and not too thick like flecks could be. 
Color Club’s Take Wing Collection will be available in April 2012. All Color Club products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. Products are available at

*provided by company for review*


  1. I love this collection so bad!
    All the colros are great!

  2. I love this collection, they are all gorgeous!

  3. These are beautiful! I saw them in the store, and thought about buying them...but I was wondering how they compared to the Zoya Surf collection? I know some colors are totally different, but are Metamorphosis, Sparkle and Soar, and Wing Fling close to being dupes of Zuza, Myrta, and Kimber?

  4. oh these just spell summer, don't they xx

  5. I nabbed all of these. No where around me carried this brand. I about fell over when my carries nothing Rite Aide had these on display - not in a set - had to buy them individually and they were $5.99 each! Ouch - I even found later on the Rite Aide web site that is not the right price for Color Club - so I need to take my receipt and go talk to the local store mg and find out how come they priced them so high! The yellow one in this collection is a close dupe for China Glaze's Lighthouse. I am not crazy in love with Metamorphosis for some reason - but the rest of the shades I think are super!


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