Friday, June 22, 2012

Glitter Gal: Soft Lady Beetle

I have a new polish from Glitter Gal for you today and it's gorgeous! Meet Soft Lady Beetle from Glitter Gal's Shade Shifters collection. Here's a bit more about it:
Shade Shifters
Glitter Gal’s shade shifters are similar to those you see on wings of exotic beetles - they transition from one shade to another when viewed from different angles. There are 2 distinct finishes available for our Shade Shifter range  -“Brilliant”- very bright glitter effect showing slightly larger particles; and “Soft” - more smooth polished look  with finer particles. No top coat is required and  “Big 5 Free” (this means they do not contain - Formaldehyde free, DPB free, Toluene free, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor free)

Soft Lady Beetle alone was 3 easy coats and flashes bronze, pink, violet. As suggested, I layered it over black and BAM! It gets intense and looks like it's glowing teal and shifts to a purple pink then intense blue.  I'm still jaw-dropped impressed at the range of this polish, it goes from soft and delicate to fierce but feminine, it really is amazing. Glitter Gal keeps upping the ante and coming out with such innovative polishes that are really setting the bar high for the polish world. Kudos to them! 

Check out Glitter Gal online to order directly (AUD $17.95)  and in the U.S. you can order from Llarowe ($13.95 USD). Keep and eye out as well for the new DuoChrome line they are coming out with soon!!! Cannot wait for that! 

*product provided for review*


  1. Thanks so much for your amazing pictures -Glitter Gal Australia - Kerry and Anna - ps we have just released today our duo chromes xoxox

  2. I love this! Just added it to my wish list ;)


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