Saturday, June 23, 2012

Neon Skittles: Glowstick and Warhol

I have a totally simple but one of my favorite quick manis I've done recently: Orly Glowstick and Color Club Warhol. Each color was 2 coats but I did white under Glowstick (major eye searing yellow neon) and I should have put white under Warhol (super bright neon pink). Warhol didn't want to show super neon but against Glowstick, hardly anything shows neon :)
 I wanted to change it up so I did skittles on one hand then on the opposite hand, I did the reverse pattern.. make sense? I lined the pictures up so you could see the alternating pattern (hey look, there's the elusive right hand!!). I found that Warhol chipped quicker than Glowstick and I think it's because it had no underwear (like a white polish) down first.... next time, undies for both and a top coat of course because I'm not a fan of semi matte neons- the brighter the better!!

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