Monday, June 11, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday: Interlocking Blue and Green

My Monkey See Monkey Do Mani for you today was inspired by Nicole at Nail Polish Wars... she's pretty great! The interlocking mani looks really cool and technically isn't that hard to do but I got bumps when I did the dotting.. my pinky turned out the best. So what you start with is a base coat (China Glaze For Audrey), then tape off (I use striping tape) at a diagonal and paint below it (China Glaze GaGa For Green)... then with your dotting tool you dot down the diagonal line alternating colors. I've tried this doing all one color dots first then filling it in with the other and it didn't work for me. I found it best to literally do the blue, then green dot, then blue dot... I'll try these again at some point, we'll see how it goes :) 
BTW, I have my new giveaway  coming up soon... look out :)


  1. I love this design! It's one that I have been wanting to try and never got around to! Love the blue and green that your used! :)

  2. Very pretty!! :D Such an awesome colour combo!

  3. This came out really great!! I remember seeing Nicole's and saying I wanted to try it. One day I will, it's such a cool look.

  4. cool, the green part reminds me of a frog :)


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