Sunday, June 10, 2012

Movie Mani: Cheeky 51

One of the new cheeky plates, CH 51, is movie themed. What better mani to do for summer, than a movie themed one! I used Essie No More Film with a random accent of a NYC (that I don't remember the name of nor can I find the polish now). I stamped using Skinfood..these all have numbers to them instead of names so it's a light blue glitter that is super dense and awesome. I love the fast forward/play/rewind image, it's awesome! The popcorn is really cool too. I used some chunky silver glitter to jazz it up and add some sparkly bling. Sorry I don't remember all the polishes I used but this mani kind of took over a life on its own with creativity. The images stamp well for being not finalized production plates. Keep an eye out on Cheeky's Facebook page for more previews!
*plates provided for review*


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