Saturday, July 21, 2012

China Glaze: Bohemia Collection- Full Swatches (comparisons and lots of pics)

Hey Monkeys! I have the entire China Glaze Bohemian collection for you today. I was lucky enough to find them at a local beauty supply store, so thought I'd share! 
Full swatches after the jump!

 No Plain Jane: 3 coats pink to purple to blue shift
 Rare and Radiant: Gold to Green to Blue (dupe for Chanel Peridot and OPI Just Spotted the Lizard)

 Rare and Radiant more extreme angle
 Swanky Silk: Index and pinky have black base under. 2 coats from gold to rose. (you can tell a black base doesn't do much for these so this was the only one I  tried it under as it was the lightest. they're all pigmented and opaque)
 Unpredictable: teal to light green to gold, 2 coats (similar to Missha HGR01)
Want My Bawdy: 2 coats, deep blue, faint shift to purple at some angles, super similar to OPI Into the Night (see below)

Deviantly Daring: 2 coats of turquoise to blue to a hint of purple. This one is super reflective and one of my favorites (very eye catching)

These are pretty great my favorites are: No Plain Jane, Deviantly Daring and Unpredictable (even though I pretty much have dupes for 3 of these), if you can't find the OPIs or you're a fan of China Glaze, then these are for you. Remember the dupes though when these are on Ebay for a fortune because of the silver caps ;-)
These are for sale now at NailsEtc if you act fast you should be able to get in on the first shipment before they have to order more. It's nice to see some duochromes for fall.. fall 2012 looks to be the time to buy some really cool and different polish.


  1. Hm, can't help feeling a bit dissapointed. Thought they would be more duochrome.

    1. Me too. These aren't at all what I've been expecting

  2. I love No plain Jane!!:)
    This remember me at the Private dancer of Deborah Lippman
    I want it!!:P

  3. I'm glad you found them! I've been dying to see them swatched!! Thanks for posting! I might have to go hunt for these now that they might be on the shelves. :)

  4. No big picture of Deviantly Daring?

  5. Glad to see these - I thought they were not to go on sale for a couple more weeks...I bet that store you got them at put them out early. I know my Sally's will some times bring them out and sell them from the back but not put them on display until the sale date CG says. I really had been anxious to see these swatched. Most I think I like the look in bottle more than on the nail. I surely don't need Rare & Radiant - I have both I Spotted The Lizard and Peridot as well as 2 others that are super close dupes. I am ready to purge all of em but for the OPI because the formula of my bottle of Lizard has it hands down over the other look a likes. Bawdy - love the name - know I have others that look like this one or close enough for me. DD - gads I keep trying this shade of teal and it looks horrible on me - that aqua/teal range is just great on most but so NOT on me. I don't even try pickin' em up anymore. Swanky Silk - ummmh - like it and yet feel I have layered things that look like this out of my stash. But always easier when it's in just 1 bottle. Love Unpredictable - it's looking kind of like what I did to my toes last night with 2 different reds (Kimber with Kimmy over it when Kimber did not do it for me)...then I put an old OPI Sea Ya Later Sailor! over it all thinking it would need to come off - and voila - I hit on something great! Plain Jane is pretty. I think i was looking for a huge color shift and not so much frost look but was thinking with the bottle shots I had seen all could end up being more frosty than metallic or color shift than I like now. Just one eye-ball's summery...but then I have a huge stash that goes back to the late 80's and out of space now, so until next big purge my eyeballs have to really fall hard and know I really will love it to pick it up...I have been shopping my own collection of late until I get up the ooph to purge & deal with that after the purge remorse I always have some some shades - like Pluto Purple I think it was - similar to Orly Space Cadet but I hated it when OPI did it so early - it looked weird to me - now if I still had that only dotted on a clean white paper once I could get $35 for that bottle it's such a collector one.

  6. I love these!!! Too bad I am on a no buy right now. Guess this will be my first purchase when the no buy is over.

    <3 Shannon

  7. These are all really pretty, but I was kind of expecting more. I really do love Plain Jane and Unpredictable though.

  8. these are amazing! gimme!

  9. These will make great and amazing stamping polishes. Must have them all! Thx for swatching.

  10. Great post, thanks!
    I own Missha HGR01, too and I expected Unpredictable to be almost a dupe!

  11. Great swatches! Now that I see these, I'm wondering how Deviantly Daring compares to Beauty and the Beach; they look really similar to my eyes.

  12. Great swatches! Now that I see these, I'm wondering how Deviantly Daring compares with Beauty and the Beach; they look similar to me. Do you have BatB for a comparison?


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