Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sally Hansen: Magnetics- Swatches

I have the new Sally Hansen Magnetics for you today! Gotta say these are my favorite magnetics on the market so far. Let's get to the swatches and I'll tell you more about application tips: 

Ionic Indigo: the perfect medium blue with that Sally Hansen Magnetic shimmer. Two coats and a top coat. 
 Golden Conduct: A warm gold with taupe effects and gold fleck/glitter, two coats no top coat.

 Graphite Gravity: Black metallic with dark silver/gray effects. two coats, no top coat.

 Kintetic Copper: The perfect copper with lighter copper effects and an orange shimmer/glitter, two coats and no top coat.

 Polar Purple: A frosty/shimmery medium metallic purple with light purple effects, two coats, no top coat

 Red-y Response: a magenta to wine effect, two coats, no top coat
Silver Elements: Light silver with dark silver effects, two coats, no top

These are my favorite magnetics for a few reasons: the effect is extremely pronounced, the formula is smooth, removal is not like a glitter polish, they dry quick so you can top coat.  A few tips of application... if your nail is curved or wide like mine are, I paint every nail one coat first, let dry then I do one side of the nail, magnet it, then paint the other half, and magnet it.  I do it this way so you get the magnetic effect across the entire nail. If you don't line it up perfect, you get a seam down the middle but I don't mind it, adds interest :)  There is one that I didn't have to show you and it's the green one, but you can check it out on their site

AVAILABLE SHADES: Ionic Indigo, Red-y Response, Kinetic Copper, Silver Elements, Golden Conduct, Electric Emerald, Graphite Gravity, Polar Purple

WHAT IT COSTS: $9.99 each

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Drugstores nationwide

Check out the contest Sally Hansen has going right now: 

Register your name, e-mail and username on Sally Hansen's Facebook App:
Visit the Instagram app, snap a photo of your nail art and include #GetMagnetic into the caption
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The contest ends on 9/17 and the grand prize is $1000! 

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  1. I'm kind of over the magnetic trend, but the two I picked up also look really pretty without the magnetic effect. I like your suggestion of painting half the nail at a time. I too had problems with the width of the magnet.

    1. I am also done with the magnetics thing - kind of surprised to see this collection come out now so late in the game. Tons of other brands have filtered through my drug-store in magnetics and my stomping ground for any SH is my local drug store - only place we have that is close that carries any polish for that matter.

  2. I bought ionic indigo the other day. I love it!

  3. I hear good things about this collection. But am I the only one who keeps noticing that ever magnetics collection is pretty much the same hues? I guess to make magnetic polish they have to use the same shades that will take the particles that magnetize? Not like they do magnetics with a bright fire engine red, etc.

  4. I am loving the red

  5. Oh, I just LOVE these! I've been wanting one so badly. They're stunning!


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