Sunday, August 12, 2012

OPI: Sparkle-icious & Simmer and Shimmer

I've literally had these in my untrieds for a year (such a slacker!). Sparkle-icious and Simmer and Shimmer are both glitters in clear bases from the Burlesque collection (holiday 2010). Sparkle-icious has gold, pink and blue glitters in a clear base. I did two coats, you can see it's really dense but not as dense as Simmer and Shimmer. S&S has blue, orange, gold and silver glitter. I feel these two began the trend that would be pink/blue/gold glitter combos. Sparkle-icious reminds me of one of the Spoiled glitters; it's all the same hues. Simmer and Shimmer is so dense and complex, I love that it's a two coat glitter for full opacity. Since these were from the holiday collection, you cannot find them in stores and they retail on Ebay for around $12-15 a piece. I'm going to put these aside for the holidays and do some glitter holiday manis with them :) 


  1. I love Sparkle-icious! I didn't know about this polish, so pretty! :)

  2. I'm definitely into the Simmer and Shimmer polish. Too bad it's discontinued :)

  3. I have that Sparkle-iciuous and i simpley love it!
    But to take it out from my nails?! God!
    The other one its beautiful also!



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