Monday, August 13, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday: Foils, take 2

So I'm a total cheese ball today and am using a previous MSMD mani from last week for my mani this week .. I changed it up of course. So last time you saw me use black polish and the blue foil, this week I played around with using silver iridescent foil as well. I wore this to a soccer game (Go Earthquakes!) and their colors are blue/black/white so this seemed appropriate to try out again. These pictures are taken in the sun and I blurred the bottom one so you could see the color spectrum, although 
I have to admit, that they look much more shiny and multi-dimensional in person; almost too shiny to pick up on camera, but you get it. Loved this mani. I want to do a weave pattern that looks like my ring finger. A few other tips I picked up from foils this time: don't be afraid to put the glue on thick or else you get bald spots (see little finger), In A Hurry Top Coat does not wrinkle the foils like SV does (win!). It's still wrinkly but nowhere near as bad as SV. I have the top coat in the pictures. The solo picture here is outside in the shade, just to show you cooler tones. Love foiling, and can guarantee you will be seeing more of it :)


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