Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Manicured Monkey Presents: Nail Polish is My Crack!

Your name: Elizedge (Elizabeth)

Blog name: Nail Polish is My Crack recent post : http://nailpolishismycrack.

Favorite polish brand/color/finish: 
China Glaze/Orange/glassfleck

Why did you start your blog?:
 my kids complained I was blowing up their facebook pages

What do you think is your specialty mani?:
 dots for sure
Where do you look for inspiration? 
pinterest, other bloggers

What’s one mani you have yet to attempt? 
water marble- even bought all the polishes to match one but haven't done it ye

One nail trend you are not on board with: 
crackles ewwww

Do you have a nail care routine? 

What you hope readers take away from your blog: nail polish is a fun and easy way to brighten up your little corner of the universe


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