Monday, August 6, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday: Robin Moses Inspired Mani

My Monkey See Monkey Do Monday Mani was inspired by Robin Moses and her animal striped mani using foils and black. I really haven't played much with my art brushes so it was really just an experiment. Here's how it looked...
I did two coats of Milani's awesome Black Swift followed by a coat of SV to quickly dry it. I took a striping brush and some of the Dollar Nail Art glue and did random stripes across my nails. As much as I would love to have done animal print stripes, random just seemed easier and more my artistic talent for the moment. I waited for the glue to get clear, then I pressed some of the foil onto the nail and it stuck! I want to see if there is a way to stamp with the glue, then foil. I'll try this out soon as this would make for a really cool zebra stripe seeing how I can't freehand anything :) I'll recreate this mani again for soccer next weekend but I'll throw in some silver foil as well. It's really eye catching and you don't have to worry about the foil wrinkling this way, which is a huge plus!
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