Saturday, September 1, 2012

Essence: Snow White + The Huntsman (jelly sandwich)

I have a random jelly sandwich for you today. I did a swap with Marianne from Rainbowify Me and she killed my Snow White Essence lemmings! I started with one coat of Snow White which is a red jelly, then topped with The Huntsman which is different shapes of gold/iridescent glitter (there's even shredded glitter in it!), then I retopped it with another coat of Snow White. I love that I had no application problems doing this. Usually I don't have the patience for jelly sandwiches because jellies take forever to dry; not Snow White! I would say it's a subtle jelly sandwich but the cool part was you could see the iridescent flashes from the glitter through the red, however it didn't show well on camera. Overall cute, I'd wear this as an easy full mani for sure!


  1. Love it! Gold flecked mani reminds me of Wonder Woman ;)

  2. I love it! I will steal the idea and put it on my blog :)
    (obviously, I will link your blog, too)
    Great idea!!!


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