Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glitter Gal: New Holos Arriving

Holographic nail polish
·         Australian Made
·         Two sizes to select either - 15ml which are beautifully boxed in premium packaging or our 10ml size
·         Glitter Gal uses the highest quality, most extravagant ingredients to offer our customers the most superior polish on the international market.
·         Long wearing polish,  chip resistant, quick drying with a full gloss finish
  • These give a true linear holographic finish - “multidimensional”
·         We use “true and premium” holographic small particles in our formulation
·         We believe our holographic polishes are the best on the market.
·         Smoothness to the finish, not bulky
·         No top coat is required
·         “Big 5 Free”, cruelty free and Vegan friendly
·         We ship internationally

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