Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Manicured Monkey Presents: A Little Polish

Your name: Stephanie

Blog name: A Little Polish and on Facebook!

Favorite polish brand/color/finish: Favorite Brand: China Glaze, Favorite Color: Pink, Favorite Finish: Glossy

Why did you start your blog?: I was posting a lot of nail polish photos on my personal Facebook account and one of my friends mentioned that I should get a YouTube channel to do tutorials. I am NO GOOD at making videos, but it did spark my interest in creating a blog to show off my mani's and help inspire my friends (and now followers too!)

What do you think is your specialty mani?: This is a hard one! I would have to say that my “specialty” would be striped mani’s. I like to think that my freehand striping work is pretty good!

Where do you look for inspiration? There are so many other talented bloggers out there that I get my inspiration from a lot of those girls! They do something amazing, and I need to try it for myself. I also see ideas on Pintrest and try to get creative when doing challenge mani’s.

What’s one mani you have yet to attempt? I have yet to attempt the “Spun Sugar” look mani that so many girls have done in the past – I think I’m not patient enough to let my polish get “stringy”.

One nail trend you are not on board with: Holographic. I have a couple holo polishes but I just can’t seem to get on board with the trend, what can I say, I prefer “cream” polishes.

Do you have a nail care routine? I am pretty bad with my nail care routine I must admit. I use strengthening polish remover and cuticle oil every now and then, other than that I try to just not pick at any hangnails (It was a bad habit until I started getting into blogging and realized they look horrible on the computer in close up pictures!)

What you hope readers take away from your blog: I would like my readers to take away that I am just a fun loving girl who has the blog for fun! Not everything will be perfect, but the blog reflects my personality and who I am, and I hope my readers enjoy it!


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