Sunday, October 7, 2012

Goonies Never Say Die

This week in Sunday stamping was metallic madness. I took the opportunity to do a blue manicure to support my favorite MLS team: San Jose Earthquakes! Their colors are blue and black but since I don't have any black metallic polishes, I chose Zoya Song for a base and Essie Blue Rhapsody to stamp with. I stamped Cheeky's CH49 plate which is all pirate themed. The full pirate image on the right is from the pre-production set and the left is the production set. You can see the image is a little bit larger and stamps much more clear (my skulls have eye sockets!).  I have a picture of the pre-production set (black on back) and the production one that's for sale now for $24.99.
 There are a few things I love about the final set: images are clear, plates are larger which means the full nail images are larger, back is nicer (does not come off with acetone). Things I  wish they would have left alone would be the individual images because they made them smaller on the final plates. There are so many great images on these plates: aliens, pirate ships and flags, flowers, etc. I just wish they were the quality of the final plates but size of the pre-production image- make sense? Now, there's nothing wrong with the images and if anything, they are much more clear than the pre-production set I reviewed so a smaller, more clear image is still better than a larger unclear one. I like that Cheeky listened to their fans and incorporated images they wanted to see. In the next set, I'd like to see larger individual images and the images that are in full nail size, scaled down (the stamp size is perfect, just smaller scale of image so there's more image on the nail). If you're looking for a unique first stamping set, these are for sure a front runner: the images alone are unique enough to keep you coming back for more.
You can follow Cheeky on Facebook for pics of fabulous manis and upcoming news (they're awesome at interacting with their fans).
UPDATE: from Cheeky on the size of their images:

1.       We made the small images smaller in order to fit all nail sizes (before they were big and you could fit some of them only to your largest nail). It is actually easier for us to create larger images because we can show more details (cost is the same). Many of our customers actually like the fact that the designs can fit all nail sizes so we think that it is really a matter of taste. In next plates we will try to make both large and small designs.
2.       We think that you readers might want to know that the set comes in a high quality branded box and not a plastic bag and that it includes a nail art license that can be used as a scraper, many customers find that these features are a big added value to the product.

*plates provided for review*

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  1. The skulls with eye sockets look really cute because they look a little bit surprised! :D


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