Monday, October 8, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do: Funky Color Blocking

So for Monkey See Monkey Do today, I wanted to show off my color blocking. I have to admit, I did this first then thought to use it for MSMD because so many girls color block and they're awesome at it. This is another mani I did for Milani using: Fresh Teal, Totally 80's (lime yellow), White on the Spot, Teal (glitter) and Silver Dazzle (lines). I like the way this turned out and the colors I chose, it's funky yet looks pretty cool and retro. I really need practice using a stripe brush so I did the Silver Dazzle using a dotting tool (my bad!), either way though, my hand needed to be super steady and it was only semi-steady :) Overall not a bad look.


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