Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guest Post: Joyluscious Angry Bird Tutorial!

I have such a treat for you today from Joy at Joyluscious, she's amazing with nail art and did a tutorial for you Monkeys to try :) Thank you Joy! Be sure to stop by and visit her page!!

 I feel so honored to be able to do a guest post on Manicured Monkey and it is because of the Halloween nail art challenge, I bravely ventured into the world of freehand nail art.
For my twins' 6th Birthday, by their request, for my twins' 6th birthday, they wanted Angry Bird nails (as they call it) and cup cakes on ice cream cone. Who can deny such request and it turned out so cute!

I made a fun little tutorial for this easy Angry Bird nail art.
I used the following colors for the Angry Bird nail art but you can use any other similar color for substitute.
-Base color (China Glaze Kalahari Kiss)
-Red (Essie Really Red)
-White (China Glaze White on White)
-Black (China Glaze Liquid Leather)
-Yellow (OPI Candlelight)
-Brown (Confetti Outrageous Orange)
-Bright Green (China Glaze GaGa for Green)
You will also need:
Dotting tool, small brush, and clear fast dry topcoat (I used Sally Hansen Instant Dry.)
First,you will need to paint all your nails with the background colors and apply a clear topcoat. Why the topcoat? Well, if you really make a mistake, then you can use a Q-tip and really carefully clean the nail art off without damaging the background color *wink*.
Now follow the illustration.

I hope you enjoyed this guest post and thanks again, Kristin, for this awesome opportunity!
Thank You Joy!


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