Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Challenge: Inspired by A Scary Movie

Today's theme is Influenced by a Scary Movie well... Scary movies are.... scary.. and I tend not to watch them so... here you go BOO! In every cheesy movie there's always a villain that tries to scare another character and usually it's as simple as jumping out and yelling "boo!" so that's what I ran with... I used Sally Hansen Wet Cement to do gray tips then used black acrylic paint to write the letters and draw a black line above the gray, took a neon orange striper and drew a random fun line and a glitter striper that has holo glitter in it for the tips, then .... *takes a breath* topped it all off with Nubar White Polka Dots. It's not a horrid mani but for sure not my best.. but since I don't watch the scary movies, I'll take it!
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  1. I love this "boo" manicure! Very cute :)

  2. i love scary movies...but yup they are scary. i love this mani, too cute!

  3. I love some scary movies... I can watch slasher movies, like saw etc.. they do not scare me, they just gross me out
    I can´t watch anything that has to do with haunted things (the ring, the grudge etc) cause they freak me out xD
    I love this manicure hun :) Very cute :)


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