Monday, December 17, 2012

Pure Ice: Underwear shades for 2013

In the wonderful world of nail polish, 'underwear' is the color you use under another color as a layering tool. Every fashionista knows that her underwear can make or break and outfit. So we went through the vaults and found the best for you.

Here are the top 13 must-have underwear shades for 2013 from Pure Ice!

1. Viva Las Vegas 845 (paired with Playtime 747) Micro Shimmer Gold
2. On His Saddle (paired with Cheatin 540) Bright Pearl Aquamarine Blue
3. Touch Me Softly 644 (paired with My Wonderland 768) Velour Grape Purple
4. All Nighter 977 (paired with Pardon My French 655) Deep Pearl Burgundy
5. Over the Top 641 (paired with Sea Quin 661) Velour Copper Shimmer
6. Monte Carlo 843 (paired with Twist & Shout 754) Raspberry Jelly
7. Jackpot 972 (paired with Twinkle 765) Glossy Bubble Gum Pink
8. En Vogue 652 (paired with First Party 713) True Fox Orange Red
9. Blue Midnight 649 (paired with Stop Flirtin 687) Velour Denim Blue
10. Ruffled Sheets 650 (paired with Material Girl 670) Velour Chrome Silver
11. Party Hard 753 (paired with Five Some 770) Creme Dark Navy Blue
12. Not Now 311 (paired with Party of Five 665)Pearl Emerald Green

wait but that's only 12!
The #13 must-have underwear is Black Rage 980 - A classic creme black that is the perfect for all occasions.

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  1. Ya lost me here. I don't see #'s on the swatch nail card that tell me which 2 shades are paired that correspond to the description. I can sort of get the idea if there is only 1 topper shade over the underwear - but when there are 2 like the golds and the blues for example I am lost. This is helpful as many shades do need to go over another shade if they are thin/watery/sheer.


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