Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Gel Mani with Stamping and Sparkle!

Hi Monkeys and Happy New Year you you all! Love this "holiday" because it's one that everyone in the world can and usually does celebrate :)
Recently I did a gel mani for my neighbor for her vacation over the holidays. I wanted to show you really quick that you can stamp over gel polishes; I'll also tell you how.
I used a Jessica base, top and polish, stamped with Sally Hansen Celeb City, used the Gals stamping plates (more on that in a different post but they're pretty awesome) and another gel that is like Fairy Dust for the sparkle... K, here we go:
 On the ring and thumb fingers I stamped and the rest have the pseudo Fairy Dust gel polish over them. I like the way this mani turned out, I wish I had better pictures of it but it's super hard to take pictures of others' hands, especially at the kitchen table LOL Below I listed the steps for doing this manicure, let me know if you guys like seeing the steps or if you rather just see pictures.
I used the SensatioNail LED lamp for this manicure and the gel cure time was 30 seconds (half the time of UV), I seriously love love love the LED lamp for gel manis, not sure how I did without it before.

  1. lightly buff nail, cleanse with acetone
  2. put base coat on and cure for time specified on bottle (should be about 30 seconds)
  3. do two coats of color gel, cure inbetween- don't make coats too thick or they won't cure
  4. for stamping:
    1.  take lint free wipe with alcohol and gently take off film of nails to be stamped (surface will look a little dull, that's ok)
    2. stamp as usual, clean up cuticles with eyeliner brush and acetone
  5. For Sparkles:
    1.  paint thin coat of sparkle gel polish over nail and cure for time specified
  6. use gel top coat over all nails and cure
  7. put rubbing alcohol on a lint free wipe and go over each nail to clear the film
You are done now and have a great unique gel mani!
What do you think? It doesn't take long after you've stamped once or twice over gel. I use an XL squishy stamper so it rolls easily over my nail. 

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