Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Color Club: Blue Heaven & Over The Moon

I wore this mani a while ago.. love the holo in the new Color Club Halo Hues! The darker linear blue is Over the Moon and the lighter blue that looks silver is Blue Heaven. Clearly a linear holo pattern to these polishes and they are delicious. The formula is great too, they don't require full drying before adding another layer to them and they do dry fast. I also top coated this and felt that a top coat made the holo show even more, without it, it dried quite dull, so the top coat made it pop. The downside however is the wear time- I got chips within a full day's wear, to be fair that's pretty standard with holos. Overall a great collection, I'll post more from the Halo Hues because the purple is too good not to highlight :)


  1. I just bought them all from Jennifer, SJ Beauty. Did you get all the colors? The four blues makes a good embrae, I cannot wait to try them. I am so in love with PixieDust that I haven't got them off the nails yet.

  2. LOVE them! Color Club hit is out of the park with their holos!

  3. Joy, I didn't get all of them but I got like 7ish of them.. they're uber impressive.


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