Thursday, March 21, 2013

IBD: Funny Bone and June Bride (gels)

For our recent baby shower I did gel nails on myself. Nothing fancy because I didn't have time but it was super sparkly and I'm not a huge glitter fan. When I do gels, I tend to go glitter because it's just as easy to get off and adds more sparkle. I realized I forgot to take pictures so these were done while I was out of town and on my cell phone, but you get the idea. Funny Bone is a great medium soft pink that was opaque in two layers, then I added a super dense glitter, June Bride, over it. June Bride is the glitter dupe for OPI Teenage Dream (awesome right?!). The holo glitter and such was hard to capture, especially from my cell phone but you can see it shined and sparkled and was a great compliment to the medium pink cream. I wore this for a week (my usual gel wear time). Onto the next!

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  1. I likey! And the new nail trim looks good too :)


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